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Finances irresponsible let circling can reveal ungodliness

  • Mon, 17 Oct 2016 00:02
[caption id="attachment_9589" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Finances irresponsible let circling can reveal ungodliness Finances irresponsible let circling can reveal ungodliness[/caption]

Finances irresponsible let circling can reveal ungodliness.

  Money can provide an alternative for many things, but not everything is for sale. Cash earn or spend unwisely can be the growing root of evil, that will arise and result in the survival of our everyday life. The hazardous lurks in the matter that every living human being needs money and by selfish greed wants to possess. Unfortunately or fortunately not to grab everything with money, but some people or those in need want to do anything for. Although it correctly or on judicial obtained does not care them anymore, respect or sense of shame has disappeared, because they want to get out of worry fend for oneself or getting a huge capital. Many criminals had before they have committed a crime, an normal judicial income, but that was not enough for the adopted lifestyle. When we enjoy a profession for our livelihood, but there is not a systematic spending plan available, it can sometimes go wrong when we too much spending. We end up in a spiral or circle in which we cannot fulfil our obligations and the outstanding debet amount will increase at default. In an unfortunate sense case come is it handed over to a bailiff so even more costs or awaits prison sentence upon us, which will disrupt our daily life. On the moment we encounter creditors in our way of life is there already a most expedient offence committed by ourselves and they wanting a settlement with interest. Ourselves in trouble by failing to fulfil commitments, and this emerged liabilities that shows the dark side of our reliability. An intelligent person will not be too greedy and will take a step back, thereby perhaps to oversee the whole payments and thereby can maybe pay the total expenses. By creating more earnings by working or to sell assets and redeem outstanding debt or to take out a loan, but that will again increases the burden. The thoughtless person goes disrespectful and blatantly on clandestine ways get going to solve problems or for greedy, which will eventuate once unfavourable. If greed takes place then is the real evil arises to a mortal with a adopted delinquent mindset. At these kind of people have respect, honesty and accountability no value and there is only one intention and that is another his banknotes and retrieving belongings in their possess. Such people have no pricks of conscience, compassion, consolation or consciousness of guilt with what they inflict on another, they see it as a successful victory. They can better act then a movie star, and their inner character we'll never prove or discover anything, because it's masked with secrets and mythologizing by untruths. Good times and bad, such as money also has its downside in distress at not defy greed and lack of reachability may change a meek cat in an evil lion. Cash can be a major culprit in our life for choosing a right life path between good and evil, knows self-controlled to handle with it and do not live above our level or our origins. Finances irresponsible let circling can reveal ungodliness, but evil will never win from righteousness in a peaceable lifetime.  

All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb




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