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Graceful Explosion Machine shmup blasts off

  • Sun, 13 Aug 2017 10:39

Graceful Explosion machine

Side-scrolling shoot ’em up Graceful Explosion Machine [official site], out this week, has one of the better combat systems I’ve seen in the genre. Your spaceship has four weapons to cut down the waves of blobby enemies: a simple blaster that can overheat and three flashier weapons (including a devastating missile launcher) that use up energy, which you collect from dead enemies. So, you’ve got to balance aggression with conserving your resources, and it’s a neat internal tug-of-war.

It’s pretty hectic, too, with lots of enemies on screen at one time, and in its latter stages is pretty damn hard. This is all from playing the PlayStation 4 version, by the way, but I can’t imagine it’d be any different on PC (although you should definitely play with a gamepad).


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