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Jumeirah exchanges loyalty points for high-end goods

  • Sun, 19 Mar 2017 17:09
Jumeirah Hotels' flagship property Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE

Jumeirah Hotels’ flagship property Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts has responded to guests’ hankering for options by expanding how loyalty points can be redeemed.

Jumeirah Sirius, named after the brightest star in the sky, is a recognition and rewards program for guests of Jumeirah hotels, resorts and residents around the world. At its current state, Jumeirah Sirius is designed to reward guests when they stay, dine, relax or shop within the Jumeirah portfolio of properties, but a new program scheduled for a mid-2017 launch will expand potential perks.

“Other loyalty programs do offer such benefits such as VIP access to events for its members or the ability to redeem rewards for luxury goods, so this type of partnership is not new,” said Tiffany Dowd, founder and president of Luxe Social Media and Luxe Tiffany.  

“However, the future of loyalty programs is to offer the most flexibility and continue to provide variety and access for loyalty,” she said. “Jumeirah Sirius’ new partnership with Loylogic is a giant step in the right direction.”

“This new partnership is very attractive and will likely encourage new people to sign up for its loyalty program. With its new benefits that go beyond just a hotel stay, having options to redeem for fashion, electronics and other luxury goods is certainly enticing.”

Ms. Dowd is not affiliated with Jumeirah or Loylogic, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Jumeirah and Loylogic were reached for comment.

Redeem for what you want
In a new partnership with Loylogic, an ecommerce and epayment solutions provider specifically for loyalty programs, Jumeirah Sirius will offer a new slew of reward options for guests who stay at its properties in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Together Loylogic and Jumeirah Sirius have developed a state-of-the-art reward solution for the hospitality brand’s global membership base.

Expected to begin in mid-2017, the new Jumeirah Sirius reward experience will allow members to exchange their points for things other than hotel stays, spa treatments or dining.

jumeirah.Burj Al Arab Terrace cabana pool
Poolside cabanas at Burj Al Arab Terrace can be reserved using Jumeirah Sirius reward points 

The redemption offer will allow Jumeirah Sirius members to redeem points for goods such as travel accessories, jewelry, the latest fashions, electronics and other categories. Additional details are expected at launch.

“It is important for Jumeirah Sirius to continue to provide its members with valued options when exchanging their points for rewards, wherever that may be in the world,” said Vicky Elliot, group director of brand loyalty at Jumeirah Group and Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, in a statement.

“The partnership with Loylogic, and working with their reward platform takes us a big step closer to being able to deliver an extensive and exciting solution for our members,” she said.

By allowing frequent guests to spend their points on items they want or need, rather than hotel mandated experiences, members may be more inclined to interact with a hotelier’s loyalty program.

jumeirah hotels
Image courtesy of Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts 

According to 2016 research from Collinson Group, the affluent classes are quickly losing interest in loyalty programs.

In August 2014, only 18 percent of consumers said they “can’t be bothered” with loyalty programs, but that number doubled in the latest survey. With the traditional method losing its steam among desirable prospects, brands will need to re-think how they engage and cultivate loyalty among their consumers (see story).

Loyal following
Other sectors have worked to fine-tune loyalty programs to ensure consumers maintain interest and to position the service as an worthwhile accompaniment rather than a hinderance.

For example, United Arab Emirates’ Etihad Airways is furthering its outreach to the fashion community through a rewards program designed specially for the travel needs of those in the industry.

Runway to Runway is a custom loyalty program developed alongside IMG, featuring perks such as discounted cargo rates and group travel rates, ideal for sending an entire team on location for a photo shoot. In 2016, Etihad began positioning itself as the airline choice for fashion, making this membership option a way to enhance its appeal for those in the industry (see story).

Also, French department store chain Printemps rolled out a new loyalty program designed to help consumers customize their shopping experience.

Printania is already available at a handful of the retailer’s stores, including its flagship on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, and it will be extended to more locations this fall. As consumer interest in loyalty programs wanes, retailers are finding they need to do more to engage and keep enrollment up (see story).

“Today’s guest needs options,” said Luxe Social Media’s Ms. Dowd. “They are no longer willing to be loyal to one thing at a time whether it be a hotel or luxury goods.

“This type of partnership encourages loyalty to the brand yet also fulfills the need for diversity in reward offerings,” she said. 

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