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Many forget that we have no future without helping hand

  • Tue, 25 Oct 2016 21:37
[caption id="attachment_9609" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Many forget that we have no future without helping hand Many forget that we have no future without helping hand[/caption]

Many forget that we have no future without helping hand.

  Have mercy and help us please from the emergency with all our difficulties? When we hear this question and must answer we might end up in a future situation what will unresolved. By shame and to be silent probably it has already become far too big problem or we be a victim involved in a gang of crooks. Or a loyal friendship has changed, because of calamity in a drama where respect no more is order of the day. It all seemed so interesting and there was everything promised and offered for a better future, but today it appears to have been all semblance and all talks only air. Their difficulties there must now directly come a solution and be controlled before they can continue with their customised lifestyle weather and can take new steps. Whereby they have for themselves a state of affairs created almost no way out has and where they have become self distraught to find solutions. Mentally they begin to be vulnerable and a wreck, because of the previously adopted attitude of hubris and thus now by their own actions were routed in this with no way back. They notice that without ammunition (pecuniary or other powers) they are no longer interesting as midpoint or become unimportant for certain persons or paying institutions. What gives a sense or that everyone who was at first so friendly and cooperative, now made a turnaround and have turned against them with certain demands. If we not stand alone for it, but as a group or team and can act united we stand stronger in our shoes and can or should we solve it together. Those who arrive faster in difficulty realised rather not so good and went for self-interest and egoism by hubris and got a message. Which was, when everything goes well to fix everything and observe with a positive outcome, even with the people around us until the downside occurs. Thus short-sighted thinking is for foolish among us, because hopefully is our life lasts longer than only today and the future is more important than this day. Unite with friends or business associates gives power and thus we can help each other in harrowing times, because everyone has their own specialties. The loner with a selfish outlook on life, thinking to have no need to no one, but sooner or later his nose against the wall and then it is usually too late for a change with a bloody nose sustained. Natural logic we can follow, but how someone is thinking in their soul is difficult to estimate, especially when they occur their own other than that they are inwardly. A metamorphosis has nothing to do with a good or bad economic crisis, but is the inner thinking of the human to achieve progress by greed or money-grubbing. Making money is not a problem as we have built a good reputation where our word has value and show and bring our actions into results. In everyone's life there will be money income and are reissued by the expenses and if we can reduce this to lower it than our income, we will keep money over. Only with words we will not make it in society, the results speak for themselves and that define every event our vision of the future. There are among us always be individuals in a world population of more than 7 billion people who will not survive independently and need help, while others are becoming harder and be selfish. We now live in the twentieth century wherewith no respect is more to most people own interests are first and have the matter of course is obvious, just look around us. By needs and addictions weakens the intelligence and the rules exceeded, because of the wanton urge and desire with no shame. Nature is so classified and organised that we all need each other in one way or another, so our behaviour towards each other will be so decisive. Collaboration gives more opportunities with each other because each has in a different matter knowledge and by compensation united working on something can make us unbeatable. People together with each knowledge about a different topic is an empire of strength which co-act and so dynamically collaborate on their future prospects. Due the change of humanity with too much opportunism have many nights there long think about, before they want to take this step. Narcissistic thinking does not help us forward, but no one wait on a bad experience and the time of clock does not stop, so then we lose unnecessary time. Some projects or personal difficulties we can just never solve alone, therefore, the righteous people on the right place is so important. That will be the ones who are prepared for everything and know how to handle it. Because we can all be the victim and susceptible for unexpected circumstances in which we can use all the help that is offered to us. Many forget that we have no future without helping hand and we are all seized with it.  

All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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