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Monday Check-In

  • Mon, 17 Jul 2017 19:31
These aren’t the best flowers the Safeway’s ever sold, but they’ll do.

Happy Monday! It’s time to check in on our weekend spending.

On Friday, I estimated that I would spend $ 5.75 on laundry and put $ 20 (in bus fare) on my Orca card, and I spent $ 5.75 on laundry and put $ 20 on my Orca card.

I also estimated that I would spend $ 63 on groceries—because Safeway would give me $ 7 off with a purchase of $ 70 or more—and I ended up spending $ 71.52. (I also ended up saving $ 24.16, according to my receipt.)

Then I went to Bartells and spent $ 9.68 on a bottle of Clairol semi-permanent hair color.

Lastly, I bought one leg of the Bolt Bus trip to Portland for my reading at Another Read Through on August 4. It cost $ 27, and I’ll buy my return ticket later this week once I figure out some more logistics.

Total spending: $ 133.95.

How about you?

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