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Overweight Russian Girl Lost 60 Pounds and Became Armani Model

  • Mon, 17 Jul 2017 19:28
This Russian girl was called fat in school. Her weight was around 90 kg (200 lbs), but at one moment there was an event that changed her life, she lost over 30 kg weight and became an Armani and other … Read more... English Russia


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Huge earthquakes in 2018 will put up to 1bn people at risk – scientists
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Dates set for first ‘man free’ festival in Sweden, tickets to go on sale in December
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Police Arrest the Mom of the 3-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Texas
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‘No evidence whatsoever’ that Nibiru is coming to kill us says NASA scientist (POLL)
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US Marine kills elderly civilian in drunk-driving accident in Okinawa, Japan
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A US military truck collided with a light vehicle in Okinawa, Japan, killing an elderly civilian, local media reports. The driver, allegedly a member ...

Sign missing submarine is not lost
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ARGENTINA’S Navy detected seven brief satellite calls that officials believe may have come from a submarine with 44 crew members that hadn’t been ...

Priest urges church to abandon Christmas, ‘hijacked’ by Santa
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Is the RBA's model broken or merely bent as wages wither and jobs grow?
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Falling unemployment should boost wages and inflation, but it is not anywhere in the world. What have the RBA and other central banks got wrong? ...

Saoirse Ronan on 'Lady Bird' Director Greta Gerwig: "The Girl We Aspired to Be When We Were 17"
  • Sat, 18 Nov 2017 20:14

Ronan joins THR's Actress Roundtable to discuss her buzz-worthy film and Hollywood's sexual harassment allegations. read more Awards

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