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Porsche spurs youth interactions via Playmobil racing model

  • Tue, 21 Mar 2017 03:09
Playmobil's Porsche 911 GT3 racing set

Playmobil’s Porsche 911 GT3 racing set

German automaker Porsche is driving its racing team into the toy chests of young enthusiasts.

Working with German toymaker Playmobil, Porsche has scaled down its racing team’s 911 GT3 models. As the one of the brand’s most recognizable models, a children’s 911 GT3 version will help Porsche establish a relationship with young consumers.

Around the toy track

The 911 GT3 Cup by Playmobil brings the “motorsport feeling” to the toy maker’s range of sets, which vary from fairy tales to schools, hospitals and zoos, among many others.

Playmobil’s 911 GT3 Cup set features a white 911 GT3 race car with Porsche branding. The toy vehicle also includes Porsche racing sponsors such as Michelin and ExxonMobil for authenticity.

In addition to the vehicle, the set comes with a Porsche race car driver and a pit crew. The pit crew comes with mechanics and their gear such as a tire rack, computer station and tools.

porsche.playmobil racing pit crew
Playmobil’s Porsche 911 GT3 racing set 

To market the Playmobil set, the brands collaborated on a photo gallery, shared on social media, that shows the toy version alongside full-sized Porsche 911 GT3s in a garage, pit and race track setting.

In 2015, Porsche worked with Playmobil to introduce its iconic 911 model to a younger audience for the first time.

Playing off the nostalgia of childhood remote control and matchbox cars, automakers often work with toy brands on collaborative models that can be enjoyed by children or coveted by collectors. For young consumers who interact with luxury brand model cars, a relationship is established at an impressionable age and may turn into a lifetime affinity (see story).

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