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South Alabama upset Troy, and LSU's loss to the Trojans somehow looks even worse

  • Thu, 12 Oct 2017 12:42

Let’s get all transitive up in here.

South Alabama seems to get somebody every year. This year, apparently it’s Troy. The Trojans are riding high after beating LSU two weeks ago. The previously 1-4 Jaguars brought them back down to earth with a dominant defensive performance in a 19-8 win.

For LSU, this doesn’t look good transitively. Despite the Trojans’ win over LSU, Troy still isn’t a great team by Group of 5 standards. They were the prime homecoming opponent, and they ruined the party.

Before the loss to South Alabama, our Bill Connelly had the Trojans ranked No. 68 in his ranking of all 130 teams. Our LSU friends aren’t terribly surprised by the result either.

But when you go down the transitive loss rabbit hole, things get even worse.

In addition, Idaho (which will be an FCS team next season) and Louisiana Tech are also in the fold.

There’s another team to consider here too: Auburn. The Tiger Bowl is coming up this weekend between LSU and Auburn, and Auburn would be wise to win and avoid being sucked into the transitive vortex LSU sits in. Auburn’s rolled three-straight opponents, but a road game in Death Valley is nothing to take lightly. Then again, Troy handled it easy enough. - All Posts


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